Experience NighTec® lichtrecycling

recycling old light to new light!

NighTec® invented lightrecycling: We recycle old light to new lightYour kidding me!  No, it works enormously well. All NighTec® products are storing light when exposed to natural or artificial light. After this charging phase the stored light is re-emitted when the NighTec® material is exposed to darkness. This way the old light was recycled into new light and new light was emitted.

Millions of applications

products for any application!

NighTec® products recycle light always at any time, as soon as our products are regularly exposed to light to get the chance to charge. This is automatism that is nearly not aging. That’s why NighTec® products are independent from power plugs, batteries, fuel or other energy sources. Nothing besides light is required. NighTec® products work by pure presence.

Lichtrecycling at home and in the garden

in your house, flat and in your garden

NighTec® lightrecycling products are recycling light indoors and outdoors. NighTec® has developed special glow in the dark wall paints. These glow in the dark wall paints can be applied on large surface or used to apply afterglow ornaments, even the classical starry sky is possible! Apply these wall paints e.g. to your bathroom ceiling and you will never need any light during the night in your bathroom for orientation besides the great design experience.

NighTec® pavers are a must for your garden. These glow in the dark pavers do not need any cables, solar cells or batteries. Just place them into your garden, clean the surface from time to time for that these light recycling pavers can do their job – that’s it. No further maintenance required.

Spare time, on the job, design, events

attract- invent – design – party – functionality

NighTec® lightrecycling for your hobby and on the job! Diverse NighTec® products suite nearly any need. For your spare time we offer e.g. dog leashes, glow in the dark safety helmets, epoxy systems for your scuba gear, t-shirts, etc. NighTec® helps you to gain visibility in darkness and to find items in darkness and to orientate! NighTec® is cool and trendy.

Are you creative? It does not matter if this is about hobby or your job. Work with NighTec® textile inks, coating systems, resin systems, yarn, ribbons, paints, injection molding granulate, etc, etc, etc. Make your products become a lightrecycler or invent a new individual glow in the dark product. There is no limit – be creative!

Parties and events? We have got a special product portfolio for this. If you are thinking about party there is only one answer:

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product development – go lightrecycling!

product developers: innovation, creation, sensation!

If you are developing products using NighTec® products you will find that it is very easy to develop new products. NighTec® invested many years into R ‘n’ D to develop THE easy to use product that suites your needs. NighTec® always intended to make it as easy as possible to glowificate an existing product or a newly developed product. NighTec® right now has got the broadest product range ever concerning glow in the dark raw materials and semi-finishes products. With our raw materials our customers were able to turn pavers, laminate, parquet, fibre enforced plastic, light switched and other products into lightrecyclers. Products you never would think of becoming glow in the dark products.

Challenge us!

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Get in touch with a NighTec® office close to you. NighTec® has got offices around the world in Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia. We are waiting for your inquiry. Do not hesitate to send us a message:

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