products and raw materials for manufacturers

For manufacturers and other business customers we are offering diverse afterglow raw materials and afterglow products. With these raw materials our manufacturing customers are able to get the glow effect into their own products. Use the links below to get to the wanted type of raw material.

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afterglow pigment

afterglow pigment

NighTec afterglow pigment

diverse variants


afterglow masterbatch

NighTec afterglow masterbatch

for injection moulding and extrusion


afterglow Aggregate

NighTec afterglow Aggregate

for conrecte, engineered stone, plaster

afterglow markings

afterglow marking paints

NighTec afterglow marking paints

afterglow marking paint system


NighTec yourTube

NighTec yourTube

afterglow sleeve for light tubes

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