• solid surface sheets

    glow in the dark eco-green solid surface sheets The NighTec® eco-green solid surface sheets belong to our new eco-green product series and are the strongest and […]
  • screen printing inks

    print with afterglow effect onto textile, paper, carton, pvc, and many more substrates The NighTec® textile ink is a high quality water based textile ink perfect […]
  • noctilucent pavers

    glow in the dark concrete pavers NighTec® concrete pavers are cement based concrete pavers with white surface daylight color and aqua afterglow effect. These concrete pavers […]
  • marking paint systems

    NighTec® glow in the dark marking paints – THE system for law compliant safety markings The NighTec® marking paint system is a professional two component paint […]
  • lightrecylcing wall paint

    afterglow wall paints by NighTec® NighTec® lightrecycling wall paint is currently available as NighTec® Night Paint and NighTec® Eco-Green wall paint. While the Night Paint is specially designed […]
  • injection molding granulate

    glow in the dark injection molding masterbatch The NighTec® injection molding products are available as compounds, masterbatches and universal masterbatches. The NighTec® compounds can be processed […]
  • glow in the dark safety helmet

    This glow in the dark safety helmet is fully compliant with EN 397 and ANSI standards. It has been designed for high visibility, very good impact […]
  • foils

    NighTec® foils or foil layers for foil based products NighTec® PVC foils come in three varieties and can be used as a semi-finished or finished product. […]
  • flakes

    glow in the dark flakes for paper, paints, laminate, plaster, floor-coatings Flakes are very thin crushes films that are being used in different design applications. Most […]
  • designer lampshade

    designer lampshade by Ines Gebhard For years Ines Gebhard plays with lighting effects in her design work. This lampshades with design names “Good night, Edison”, “Tesla” […]
  • crunchies and aggregate

    Crunches product family – glow in the dark artificial stones for diverse applications The NighTec® crunchy product family consist of two different artificial stone aggregates, the […]
  • core-coat yarns

    glow in the dark yarn NighTec® yarn is a so called core-coated yarn which is well known in the automotive industry. NighTec® offers different products based […]