why use NighTec?

There are many reasons to use NighTec® products. One of the limiting factors for creating broad based photoluminescent solutions is the difficulty to combine highest quality end product with an intense long lasting after glow effect. This is where our proprietary technology and application engineering makes us unique. We specialize in developing and producing photoluminescent raw materials for the manufacturing industry. These materials are optimized to gain the maximum photoluminescent effect while maintaining the mechanical and chemical properties of our customer’s target product.

Because of NighTec®’s high quality products and their long glowing effect, creating products where designers and architects can combine aesthetic appeal, safety applications and energy conservation can be realized. For example, using our eco-green night pavers to add architectural detail in landscaping has the additional benefit of highlighting areas where safety may be a concern. It may also save on the amount of outside lighting required.

Using NighTec® products means energy consumption can be reduced preserving important resources. Artificial light sources consume energy in order to illuminate. NighTec® products re-use this light-energy to create new light which is emitted in darkness. We call this process “light recycling”. When you use NighTec® products, you help make significant contributions to the alternative energy mix, which reduces the consumption of resources, especially electricity. The engineering of photoluminescent materials into so many forms expands the breadth of light recycling capabilities.NighTec® works with customers to develop new or to improve existing products that enhance these light recycling capabilities.

Additionally, NighTec® products add safety. A known use for photoluminescence is emergency applications: If lights go out, photoluminescent markings help lead to safety. Because of the strength and duration of our after glow, safety applications that go beyond emergency can be realized. NighTec® products will work all night without the need for artificial energy. For industries that operate at night and need added safety measures (i.e. manufacturing plants, trains, boats, off shore rigs, planes, etc.) or during longer power outages, this becomes important. Painted areas, for example, are capable of emitting enough after glow that orientation throughout the night is possible. Professional use in the area of safety markings or accessibility installations is also possible.

NighTec® products add quality of life.