NighTec – high quality afterglow products

  • industry

    Afterglow raw materials for the manufacturing industry, e.g. afterglow pigment, afterglow injection moulding masterbatch, paints, etc.

  • business

    High quality afterglow products for your business and trade. Increase your turnover by using and trading NighTec products.

  • consumer

    Highly innovative afterglow products from NighTec and customers of NighTec for diverse applications for e.g. home improvement, sports, hunting, fishing, camping, fun-sports, etc.

NighTec offers more than afterglow paint and afterglow pigments

NighTec offers it’s customers from it’s three different customer groups various afterglow products which fit each customer group’s needs. Our industrial customers will find afterglow raw materials (e.g. afterglow pigment, afterglow pigment concentrates, resin systems, paints) for producting afterglow versions of their products. Our business customers and consumers will find their afterglow product for their target application, this might be an afterglow paint, innovative cotton plaster, afterglow hard hats, afterglow paving stones, etc. Both of these customer groups purchase diretly from NighTec or via our distributors. NighTec developes and produces afterglow products starting with the afterglow pigment itself via various raw materials to the finished afterglow product.

industrial afterglow raw materials

processing optimized

easy handling

professional support

Besides raw afterglow pigment and water resistent afterglow pigment, NighTec develops and produces a variety of industrial afterglow raw materials for various applications like for production of afterglow concrete, afterglow solid surface material, afterglow paint, afterglow injection moulding parts, etc.  When developing a new raw material NighTec always makes sure that the standard production process of our customers is not changed at all or that changes are kept to a minimum. We believe that our industrial afterglow raw materials shall be introduced into existing production processes seaminglessly. NighTec’s experience has grown to multiple ten thousand hours of development man-hours.

Example: NighTec concrete mix for afterglow paving stones

afterglow business products

new business segments

open-up new business segments with NighTec products – make afterglow count for your customers

safety technology

Combine design and safety! NighTec products offer the extended safety feature of design-integrated safety.


The afterglow effect is ideal to value-add your design. Upgrade your design – construction, textile, events – no matter where – anywhere.

example: afterglow plaster visible as blue dots

afterglow consumer products

We got happy customers because NighTec is offering consumer products directly to it’s customers plus including consumer products of industrial NighTec customers. These consumer products can be purchased directly via our online-shop or other sales channels. With the standard payment options “paypal express” and “amazon payments” our customers do not need to register, this makes a purchase in our online-shop so easy. For customers without a PayPal or Amazon account we are of course offering other standard payment options.

NighTec – for the creative

For hobby or professional design: NighTec afterglow products add the night-special to your designs. With NighTec products you are able to create the night appearance of your designs. Let your designs be present at night!