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noctilucent pavers
14. April 2013
lightrecylcing wall paint
14. April 2013
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NighTec® glow in the dark marking paints – THE system for law compliant safety markings

The NighTec® marking paint system is a professional two component paint system formulated for strong abrasion resistance. It can be applied to various substrates and can be used both indoor and outdoor. This system is designed for marking lines,  symbols and filling grooves for added safety or design applications. It can be used on driving surfaces, bike lanes, pedestrian paths , stairwells, handrails, work areas, etc. There are two different application systems each consisting of a white primer, NighTec’s photoluminescent layer and a transparent topcoat. The white primer assures proper adherence to various substrates and optimizes the effect of the photoluminescent layer. The transparent topcoat offers protection to the photoluminescent layer and increases abrasion resistance.

2 C paint system is a sprayable paint system

2 C filler can be applied as any normal filler

diverse 1 C and 2 C cartridge systems
NighTec’s marking paint system can be used on concrete, bitumen and bituminous substrates, synthetic resin floors, concrete paving stones and natural stone, indoors and outdoors (depending on the system chosen).