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14. April 2013
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14. April 2013
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glow in the dark injection molding masterbatch

The NighTec® injection molding products are available as compounds, masterbatches and
universal masterbatches. The NighTec® compounds can be processed directly and have a
standard NighTec quality glow. NighTec masterbatch systems are highly concentrated
photoluminescent injection molding granules and are to be used as a percentage by weight
of the total mixture for an individualized glow effect. The universal masterbatch is a
versatile masterbatch compatible to a set of predetermined thermoplastics. The NighTec
masterbatch can be custom manufactured to meet our customers’ plastic carrier

Products: NighTec®compound, NighTec® masterbatch,
NighTec® universal masterbatch

Description: Injection molding granulate with afterglow effect. Compounds for direct
processing, masterbatches and universal masterbatches for individual
dosages of the afterglow effect. Available in different plastic carriers and in
an universal carrier.