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14. April 2013
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glow in the dark pigments by NighTec®

The NighTec® komplex is an inorganic high performance afterglow luminophore which comes as a powdery pigment. NighTec® provides a standard version and a water protected version. Additionally to the luminophore itself, NighTec® provides a modular system for both waterbased and for solvent-based systems. This modular system also contains additives that prevent pigment settlement. The NighTec® komplex is an ideal system for introducing the afterglow effect into your own formulations.

Products: NighTec® komplex aqua, NighTec® komplex aqua water resistant, NighTec®
komplex modular system for water based applications, NighTec® komplex
modular system for solvent based applications, yellow-green versions by

Application examples:
water based paints, resin applications, paper, toys, solvent based paints, printing inks, wall paints, textile inks, enamel, thermoplastics, resin coatings, lacquers, effect materials, foils, safety materials